QR codes: What you need to know

QR Codes seem to have taken off recently and I love that I’ve had an opportunity to learn more about them. Since it is such a new technology in the United States we are ALL still learning more about this amazing technology every day. I really believe that the adoption of QR codes to your marketing strategy is a positive thing and will add an exciting element to your current traditional and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

QR Codes, although becoming more mainstream in the United States, have been around since the 1990’s in Japan. QR Code are 2D barcodes used to allow people access to more information easily. As we grow in technology and have less time, so we are always searching for ways to access more information, quicker. QR codes allow us to do this.

So to answer a few questions:

  • WHAT What do we use to create a QR Code? You can use a QR code Generator, which can be found on my QR Code Products Blog
  • WHEN: When should we use QR codes? It is great to use QR codes to promote a new product, a release of a website or promotion. Promotional Materials with QR Codes are becoming very popular.
  • WHY: Why use QR codes? Anytime you would need to give people quick access to your information.
  • HOW: How do we scan QR Codes: You can scan them by using your iPhone ,  Android  or Blackberry phone. You would first have to grab a QR App for your phone.